Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Harbor Photography - David & Gus Schauer

David and his son Gus have been taking fantastic images of the harbor for years now and add greatly to the enjoyment of seeing the harbor from interesting and creative perspectives.
You can see more of their work on Facebook at:

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

American Steamship Company - Parade of Boats (updated)

American Steamship Company - Updated - added John J Boland GREAT LAKES VESSELS Length (feet) Capacity (gross tons) M/V American Spirit 1004' 62,400 M/V Burns Harbor 1000' 80,900 M/V Indiana Harbor 1000' 80,900 M/V Walter J. McCarthy, Jr. 1000' 80,900 M/V American Century 1000' 78,850 M/V American Integrity 1000' 78,850 M/V American Mariner 730' 37,300 M/V H. Lee White 704' 35,400 M/V John J. Boland 680' 34,000 M/V Sam Laud 634 24,300 American Courage - not available

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Interlake Steamship Boats In Review

Interlake Steamship Company boats have been visitors to Duluth for over 100 years. Nine of the Ten Interlake boats visited the Port of Duluth/Superior during the past year and are a part of our nautical heritage.