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  1. Burns Harbor is 1000 feet x 105 feet & not 1082 feet x 112 feet.

  2. I wish all the cameras had sound. The canal ones are so nice to hear... even if its just the wind. :)

  3. Did the cameras catch that POS that put the graffiti on the lighthouse?

  4. whats the camera fund raiser for

  5. I agree, Harbor staff/Army Corps Eng. , someone go back and find footage on the graffiti be done on lighthouse.
    Million dollar tourist attraction, - spend the time locals care. thks.

  6. It seems the link for the schedule and map page is a bit wonky, it brings up a boiler plate "Google Docs encountered an error. Please try reloading this page, or coming back to it in a few minutes."

    The link on the side bar menus works fine, just that one page is all.

    Everything you guys do is awesome, thanks!

  7. We are a group of senior citizens living at Lyngblomsten Senior Apartments in St. Paul, MN. Every single morning we meet at 7 am in our dining room for coffee and fun conversation. The Duluth Harbor Cam is on every day on our beautiful 70” tv in our dining room to watch for ship traffic. Since the time change, we don’t get to see the sun rising as the camera is pointed too far left to the point we only see a sliver of the sun at the right edge of the tv screen. Can you do anything to adjust the vantage point? We would greatly appreciate it. You would be welcome at our morning coffee anytime you are in the area. We are 2 blocks from the fairgrounds at 1455 Almond Ave. Thank you and keep up the good work.

    1. I cannot move the canal cam, however, I often move the Lighthouse cam to view the sunrise. Glad you enjoy the cams.