Saturday, August 31, 2019

CSL Assiniboine arrived Duluth 08/31/2019

CSL Assiniboine arrived Duluth early this morning to load iron pellets.

Sunrise Timelapse 08/31/2019

It's a good day to be alive! God's manifested glory is all around us, especially on mornings like this.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

John G Munson arrived Duluth 08/29/2019

John G Munson arrived Duluth this afternoon loaded with limestone.

John D Leitch departed, Michipecoten arrived Duluth 08/29/2919

John D Leitch departed, Michipecoten arrived Duluth early this morning.

Wisconsin Point Camera Status

Update: 1300 -- Wisconsin point back online.

The main power circuit that feeds the Wisconsin Point Cam as well as some canal lights is off line until a contracted electrician can repair it. 
I will keep you posted.


Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Mesabi Miner arrived Duluth 08/27/19

Mesabi Miner arrived Duluth this morning to load coal.

Camera Update

Two Harbors Boat Launch cam back online -- thanks to Two Harbors Utilities. I still have some configuration left to do.

Wisconsin Point Cam remains off line due to a power outage.-- the outage has been reported.

Monday, August 26, 2019

James R Barker arrived Duluth 08/26/2019

James R Barker arrived Duluth this morning to load iron pellets.

Roger Blough departed Duluth 08/26/2019

Roger Blough departed Duluth this morning loaded with iron pellets.

Wisconsin Point Cam off line

The Wisconsin Point Cam went off line yesterday.  I will look into as soon as Two Harbors is replaces this week some time. - depending on weather.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Sunrise 08/24/2019

The fishing fleet heads out onto Lake Superior on a beautiful early autumn morning.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Two Harbors Boat Launch Cam status

After checking the Two Harbors boat launch cam today, it appears the camera has failed.  I will be replacing it with a new (spare) camera that we already have next week when I can arrange for a bucket truck.
With any luck, it should be back up sometime next week.


American Spirit departed Duluth 08/23/2019

American Spirit departed Duluth this morning loaded with iron pellets.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Two Harbors Boat Launch Cam off line

The Two Harbors Boat Launch Cam is off line for an unknown reason.  I will try and get up there in the next few days to check it out.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


American Spirit arrived Duluth 08/22/2019

American Spirit arrived Duluth this morning to load iron pellets.

Walter J McCarthy Jr departed Duluth 08/21/2019

Walter J McCarthy Jr departed Duluth Wednesday evening.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

American Century arrived Duluth 08/20/2019

American Century arrived Duluth this evening with a little adventure for a local sailboat crew.

New Pier B Cam


The new Pier B cam is installed and operating now.  While I have some tweaking to do over the next few days, the camera is working great.  Here is a snapshot of the Resko nearly 2 miles away over in Superior.

Thanks again to all who donated and hope everyone enjoys the view. 


Paul R Tregurtha arrived Duluth 08/20/2019

Paul R Tregurtha arrived Duluth this morning to load coal.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Walter J McCarthy Jr arrived, American Century departed Duluth 08/15/19

Walter J McCarthy Jr arrived, American Century departed Duluth overnight transporting coal.

Thank You "Honor Roll" for Pier B cam replacement donations

Thank you to all the viewers who donated yesterday to the camera fundraiser.  It is simply amazing how much support there is for these cams. 

I can't thank you enough!


Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Fundraiser starting tomorrow for new Pier B

Update: The fundraiser is complete with #3200 raised. This allowed me to order the new camera and also pay the sales tax.

Many thanks to the 82 people who donated, the cam viewers never cease to amaze me.

8/13/2019 - Pier B cam is failing and has thankfully limped through the Tall Ships event.  The cam is 4 years old and is no longer supported my the manufacturer and I no longer can access the cam to change directions and I have already replace anything else that might be the problem.

I will be starting a new fundraiser tomorrow and will order the cam as soon as we have enough funds.

I appreciate all the your help and your support is why we have the best cams on the Great Lakes.

Our goal is $3000.


US Brig Niagara departed Duluth 08/14/2019

US Brig Niagara departed Duluth on a beautiful sunny morning after a quick visit to the Northland.

Mesabi Miner departed Duluth 08/13/2019

Mesabi Miner departed Duluth Tuesday afternoon loaded with iron pellets.

Paul R Tregurtha departed 08/14/2019

Paul R Tregurtha departed Duluth early this morning.

Monday, August 12, 2019

James R Barker departed, Roger Blough arrived Superior 08/12/2019

James R Barker departed, Roger Blough arrived Superior  this afternoon.

Mesabi Miner arrived Duluth 08/12/2019

Mesabi Miner arrived Duluth this morning to load iron pellets.

Tall Ships Duluth - a closer look

Tall Ships - Duluth - Go to "Full Screen" for viewing

Jeffery showing Wilber around the harbor - 081119

Hi, Jeffery here.  I can't believe all these boats came to Duluth just to feed us gulls -- fantastic summer so far.  Amelia is getting about more these days now that the little ones are learning to fly.

Wilber is my oldest son (this year) and will be stopping by in a minute.

Wilber here -- I love Duluth and will be flying more as soon as I pick up a pair of those cool aviation sunglasses.

I am learning the tricks of the trade from my dad and will soon have my own collection of shiny stuff.

That big yellow duck is kinda scary,  I bet he needs to eat allot. Well, plenty of snacks to go around.

Have a good visit!

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Pontoon Semi-truck

Owned by Jeff Foster of Jeff Foster Trucking, this Pontoon Semi is docked at the Pier B Resort waiting for the big parade tomorrow.

Tall Ships Duluth - a look back--2016- Parade of Sails

The Festival of Sails will kick off tomorrow morning with the Parade of Sails between 9AM and 11AM.

See more info here

Here are some clips from the 2016 event that you might find enjoyable to watch prior to this years activities.

Tall Ship Duluth -- a look back to 2016

Monday, August 5, 2019

Camera Update for this weekends Tall Ships!

Update: 080619-10:40 -- projects complete. I tried as best I could to level the Canal Cam-- hopefully, it is a bit better.

In addition to the huge Blues Fest starting Friday at Bayfront Park and the Tall Ships starting Sunday, it will be a busy weekend in the Twin Ports.

I will be operating the cameras to best view the activity, especially the tall ships arrival on Sunday morning.

I just cleaned the camera windows for for PierB and GLA. Tomorrow I will clean off Hillside, Bayfront, Harborcam, Canal and the Bridge cam.  I will also try to  level the Canal cam a bit.

I will get down to the area with my drone and other cameras when I can.

Hope you enjoy the weekend either in person or virtually!

Also, FYI - the Soo Cam is back up


Pier B Camera Maintenance today!

Update - 06/05/2019 - 09:00 a new antenna has been installed on Pier B in hopes of improving the camera performance.  The cameras video stream is transmitted to the hillside where it connects to the internet.  Pier B is the oldest camera on the system (4 years) and if this upgrade doesn't work, I will have a fundraiser to replace it as soon as possible.  Thanks for your understanding.

08/05/2019 07:30  I will be replacing/upgrading the Pier B antenna system today. Expect the camera to be off line for a few hours later today unless I get rained out.

Friday, August 2, 2019