Friday, May 31, 2019

Mesabi Miner arrived Superior 05/31/2019

Mesabi Miner arrived Superior this evening.

Michipicoten arrived Duluth 05/31/2019

Michipicoten arrived Duluth this afternoon to load iron pellets.

State of the Harborcams for Summer 2019

Going into this summer I hope to keep all eleven cameras up and running smoothly.

Camera Status: All online as of this morning.

Camera Operations: The cams need constant babysitting, and while I do have some outside obligations, I hope to be available to make adjustments, clean the glass, remove spiders, and make repairs after storms daily. 
The quality and stability of each camera stream depend a lot on the lighting of the scene and the reliability of the internet connections - this is all variable and doesn't mean your device is bad, just that the stream at that time may be bogging down.  Not a perfect system, but, hopefully, gets better over time and is good enough to at least get a view.

New locations: None planned at this time.

Funding: If nothing major breaks, we should have enough funds to make it to our October fundraiser.

Tall Ships Duluth August 11-13
Wednesday Night Sailboat Regatta's

Weather forecast: The long-range forecast is for a normal weather pattern with temps in the 60-70's and often cooler by the lake.   Lake Superior water levels are high meaning the occasional storms will probably be more severe than usual.

Boat Traffic: Looks to be a busy shipping season with large amounts of steel pellets and grain going out and plenty of limestone and other cargo coming in.

Recordings:  I try and post at least one boat, weather, or sunrise recording each day and probably more.

Jeffery the Gull: Jeffery is back and will be visiting on occasion.

Summary: I just hope that visiting these little windows to the world makes your day a bit better and gives you a relaxing glimpse into this neck of the woods.
I appreciate all the kind remarks, financial help, and constructive criticism.
Have a great day!

Indiana Harbor departed, Alpena arrived Duluth 05/31/2019

Indiana Harbor departed with coal, Alpena arrived Duluth with cement early this morning.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Wednesday Night at the Races 05/29/2019

A spectacular scene as sailboats large and small make their way out onto Lake Superior for a beautiful evening of sailing.

Jeffery the Gull Update!

Hi Folks, I heard some squawking around town you guys miss me.  Well, I have been fishing and hanging out with Amelia over on Gull Island while she is nesting along with thousands of my cousins.
Gull Island
I stopped by today to say hi and that I miss you guys.  Now that the tourist are back in town, I can smell the dumpsters already and look forward to the french fries and popcorn. Umm!

Here are a couple snapshots of my beautiful feathers and nifty landing characteristics and flight skills.

I will be back when I find some more sunglasses for the summer.  See ya soon!

Burns Harbor departed and Spruceglen arrived Two Harbors 05/29/19

Burns Harbor departed and Spruceglen arrived Two Harbors early this morning.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Joseph L Block arrived Duluth 05/25/2019

Joseph L Block arrived Duluth Saturday with a bagpipe player playing the bagpipes on the middle back deck.  If you listen closely, you can hear the pipes. Amazing what you can see in Canal Park.

Monday, May 27, 2019

James R Barker arrived Duluth 05/27/2019 (Get Ringtone)

James R Barker arrived Duluth this morning and the captain made sure it was the perfect salute to record for your ringtone.  The Barker has the most distinctive horn on the Great Lakes and people love to hear it.

If you would like the mp3 file to put on your phone, you can download it here.

Joseph L Block departed, Edgar B Speer and Burns Harbor arrived Two Harb...

Joseph L Block departed, Edgar B Speer and Burns Harbor arrived Two Harbors early this morning.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Jeffery tackles a Sea Lamprey

Courtesy: Deborah Moe
Check out this story in Lake Superior Magazine of how Jeffery and his buddies are helping rid the harbor of invasive species. The gull story is about halfway down the page link.

Edwin H Gott departed Two Harbors 05/24/2019

Edwin H Gott departed Two Harbors early this morning with a load of pellets.

Indiana Harbor departed Duluth 05/23/2019

Indiana Harbor departed Duluth Thursday evening.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Indiana Harbor arrived Duluth 05/22/2019

Indiana Harbor arrived Duluth this evening to load iron pellets.

Happy River Unloading at Port Terminal -05/21/19 - Timelapse

A lot of work, skill, and coordination goes into unloading a large boat.

This time-lapse video compacts 9 hours of unloading into three minutes.   Notice how the boat shifts when the heavy tower sections are lifted off the deck.   Thanks to Duluth Harbor Connect for the view.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019



The National Weather Service in Duluth has issued a Gale Warning,
which is in effect until 1 PM CDT Wednesday.

* Sustained Winds...Northeast 20 to 30 knots.

* Waves...8 to 10 feet.

* Wind Gusts...Gales up to 35 knots.


A Gale Warning means winds of 34 to 47 knots are imminent or
occurring. Operating a vessel in gale conditions requires
experience and properly equipped vessels. It is highly
recommended that mariners without the proper experience seek safe
harbor prior to the onset of gale conditions.

Algoma Discovery arrived Duluth 05/21/2019

Algoma Discovery arrived Duluth this afternoon to load wheat.

Taking a load off Happy River.

At 100 tons apiece,  the 40 tower sections from the Happy River are carefully loaded onto semi trucks at the Port Terminal and hauled to storage for the next journey to somewhere in the Midwest.
Duluth Cargo Connect are experts at managing heavy loads, whatever it is.

Lake Superior Sunrise 05/21/2019 - Timelapse

Ninety captured minutes bottled into a three-minute segment.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Winter Tulips!

Fresh snowfall today brought up these winter tulips - I think!

Urgent - Gale Warning

A Gale Warning remains in effect until 7 PM EDT /6 PM CDT/ this evening. * WIND AND WAVES DURING THE GALE WARNING...Expect sustained winds of up to 31 knots from the northeast, with gusts up to 40 knots. The largest expected significant waves will be 13 feet with a maximum wave height of up to 19 feet possible. * TIMING...The maximum winds are expected around 12 PM EDT Sunday with the largest waves expected around 3 PM EDT Sunday.

Gull Patrol - Two Harbors

American Integrity departed Duluth 05/19/2019

American Integrity departed Duluth this morning into high winds and waves.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Monday, May 13, 2019

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Federal Alster arrived, Edgar B Speer departed Duluth 05/12/19

Federal Alster arrived, Edgar B Speer departed Duluth this afternoon.

Stewart J Cort arrived Duluth 05/12/2019

Stewart J Cort arrived Duluth this morning.

Canadian Geese Come to Town - Love is in the Air - Happy Mothers Day!

Here comes the Walter J McCarthy Jr --- What a great honker on that boat. I fell in love with the honk of all of these big boats the first time I heard them. So glad my little cousin Jeffery invited me to Duluth, I think I will stay!

American Integrity departed Two Harbors 05/12/2019

American Integrity departed Two Harbors this morning while Presque Isle switched docks.

Edgar B Speer and Walter J McCarthy Jr arrived Duluth 05/12/19

Edgar B Speer and Walter J McCarthy Jr arrived Duluth early this morning under a bright sunrise.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Winter Storm Warning!


Algoma Innovator departed Duluth 05/08/2019

Algoma Innovator departed Duluth this morning after unloading salt.

Joseph L Block arrived Duluth 5/08/2019

Joseph L Block arrived Duluth this morning to unload limestone.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Edgar B Speer departed John D Leitch arrived Two Harbors 050619

Edgar B Speer departed John D Leitch today.

Stewart J Cort departed Superior 05/06/2019

Stewart J Cort departed Superior this morning.

BBC Scandinavia preparing to unload at Duluth Cargo Connect

The BBC Scandinavia prepares to unload some heavy equipment at Duluth Cargo Connect.

BBC Scandinavia -

JB Ford still waiting to be scrapped.

The JB Ford sits quietly near the scrap yard where it will be going at some time.
Read more about the Ford on

Great Republic arrived Duluth 05/06/2019

The Great Republic arrived Duluth this morning with a load of limestone under beautiful May skies.

BBC Scandinavia arrived Duluth 050619

BBC Scandinavia arrived Duluth overnight to unload heavy cargo.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Exeborg departed Duluth 05/03/2019

Exeborg departed Duluth this evening loaded with beet pulp pellets. The pellets are used as high-quality horse feed around the world.

Tim S Dool departed Duluth 05/03/2019

Tim S Dool departed Duluth this morning sporting a brand new paint job.

The "Real Fog Horn of Duluth" - Gone but not forgotten!

The workings of Duluth's foghorn inside the South Breakwater Light Station (img: Zenith City Press)

Duluthians have either loved or hated the fog signal since it was first used in 1885. In 1915 the steam-powered twin whistles installed in 1901 were replaced by locomotive whistles, which in turn were replaced in 1923 by electrically powered twin Type F diaphone horns whose deep “Bee-Oh” tone could be heard for twenty miles. Almost immediately Duluthians complained. The horn was much too loud and rattled windows; in the hillside neighborhood, the horn disrupted conversation and woke the sleeping. In 1968 the Coast Guard retired the horn, replacing it with a much quieter single-tone horn. While some Duluthians rejoiced, others dearly missed the old horn's deep toot and felt the City had lost part of its very identity. They called the new signal a “peanut whistle."
Read the rest of the story at:

Isolda and Federal Baltic departed Duluth 05/03/2019

Isolda and Federal Baltic departed Duluth overnight loaded with grain.

The world according to Jeffery the Gull!

There goes the American Century, a fine old boat. It's massive propellers churn up fish to the surface where I can get at them easier.

The charter fishing boats are also going back out this morning if the Century breaks a path for them.  With any luck, they should be back by noon with enough fish for all us, especially if I sit on the dock and fake an injury - works every time.

Life is good, Springtime has returned!  Keep your feathers preened!

American Century departed Duluth 05/03/2019

American Century departed Duluth at the break of dawn loaded with iron destined for Indiana Harbor.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Jeffery on Ice! 5/2/2019

Folks, I don't mind ice fishing, but after a while, your feet do get cold.
Park Point Beach - 5/2/2019

Happy River arrived Duluth 05/02/2019

Happy River arrived Duluth this morning to unload wind turbine towers for one of the many wind farms being constructed in the Midwest.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019