Friday, August 31, 2018

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Bayfront Balloon

Tribute Fest, an event at Bayfront Park to help raise money for Veteran's had their hot air balloon inflate for a while this evening.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Sunda arrived Duluth 08/20/2018

Hi Guys, Jeffery Here!
That's the Sunda coming in. Last time she was here was May. Kicked up some nice minnows with those deep props.

Love watching these salties and the little red tugs.  Wish you were here.

Jeffery the gull!

Joseph L Block departed Two Harbors 08/20/2018

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Two Harbors Boat Launch cam in service

Update: 8/15/2018 05:00 — Thank you to all who helped out, I really appreciate the support.
We collected about $400 to cover the repair bill when it arrives.

The Two Harbors Boat Launch cam is back in service.
It appears a nearby lightning strike did some damage to electronics at the Depot, where the antenna for the boat launch cam is connected.

We got lucky and the only damage to the camera system was a burnt connector to the antenna access point.

We will be charged for 3 hours of technician work. Probably about $300. - Well worth it.

I have received a few donations to help pay already, but if you would like to kick in a few bucks, that would be great.

Happy boat watching!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Two Harbors Boat Launch Camera Status

Update: 16:00 Friday 8/10/18 -- There appears to be a major failure in the radio system that transmits the camera image to the depot antenna.  This probably happened during the storm.  Unfortunately, it will be next week before we can dig deeper.  It is at the top of my priority list.

Update: 0600 Friday -- Two Harbors Boat Launch remains down, hoping to have a tech check it today. I do not have access to the light pole that it is attached to - it must be done by a licensed electrician.

18:00 Wednesday - The Two Harbors Boat Launch cam has gone down during a thunderstorm.


American Integrity departed Duluth 08/11/2018

American Integrity departed Duluth early this morning.

Two Harbors Lighthouse - by: Christian Dalbec

Christian Dalbec took the great shot of Two Harbors Lighthouse at dusk with the Roger Blough in the distance.
View more of Christians work at:

Friday, August 10, 2018

Strange Wildlife in the shipping canal 08/10/2018

Paul R Tregutha departed Duluth 08/10/2018

Paul R Tregutha departed Duluth this evening.


The haze in the air is from Canadian forest fires.

Jeffery the Gull!

Hay!  Bayfront Blues is going on at Bayfront Park.  It's a great time.  I can swoop down from my perch and grab a snack anytime.  I prefer county western music, but, these folks look like they are having a great time.   
Amelia and I just float on the bay and enjoy the scenes.


James R Barker arrived Two Harbors 08/10/2018

James R Barker arrived Two Harbors early this morning.  -- I added the barker horn.

Joseph L Block and Paul R Tregurtha arrived Duluth 08/10/2018

Joseph L Block and Paul R Tregurtha arrived in Duluth early this morning.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Cason J Callaway departed Duluth 08/01/2018

Cason J Callaway departed Duluth this morning for Two Harbors

Jeffery the Gull

Sorry fans, I have been preoccupied with my new girlfriend.  I think it was the sunglasses and gold necklace that attracted her.

Isn't she beautiful? We met at the large dumpster at Canal Park and have been off visiting various restaurants and landfills for the past week.  What a great time.

Since gulls mate for life, I wanted to make sure she was the right one for me.  I gotta say, She's the one. From her webbed feet to that fish smacking beak -- I'm hooked.

In the coming years, we will have many chicks and will welcome many tourists to Duluth.

Well,  off to the next festival -- life is good!

Jeff the Gull!

to be continued!

Harbor History - Irvin L. Clymer Pilothouse

You may have noticed on the harborcams a lonely looking pilothouse located on the end of the Duluth Timber Pier near Pier B.
(the following information was provided by Capt. Tom Mackay and Capt. Edward Montgomery)

The IRVIN L. CLYMER was built in 1917 at the American Ship Building Company in Lorain, Ohio. She had a crew of 16. She was 552 feet long with a 60 ft. beam and a 32 ft. draft. Launched as the self-unloader CARL D. BRADLEY (1) for the Great Lakes Fleet, she made her maiden voyage from Lorain Ohio to Calcite MI on June 10, 1917 for a load of stone. She sailed under that name until 1927 when she was renamed JOHN G. MUNSON (1). In 1951 she was again renamed, IRVIN L. CLYMER. She was scrapped at Azcon in Duluth in 1994, when the pilothouse was salvaged by a private party and unloaded at the end of the Duluth Timber Pier where it sits today. Duluth was the Clymer’s home port for many years and had a nickname of the "Whiner Clymer"
Photo: courtesy of
Photo: courtesy of

Irvin L Clymer - Dennis O'Hara

Irvin L Clymer - Dennis O'Hara

Irvin L Clymer - Dennis O'Hara

Irvin L Clymer - Dennis O'Hara

Irvin L Clymer - Dennis O'Hara

Irvin L Clymer - Dennis O'Hara

Irvin L Clymer - Dennis O'Hara

Irvin L Clymer - Dennis O'Hara