Split Rock Lighthouse Cam

Nestled on the rugged shores of Lake Superior in Minnesota, Split Rock Lighthouse stands as a beacon of hope for sailors and visitors alike. This historic marvel, constructed in 1910, has been guiding ships safely through the treacherous waters of Lake Superior for over a century. Visitors can explore the lighthouse, keeper's quarters, and museum to learn about the history and significance of this iconic landmark. The scenic beauty of this location makes it a favorite spot for photographers and nature lovers, offering stunning views of the lake and surrounding wilderness. Split Rock Lighthouse is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience Minnesota's North Shore's rich history and natural beauty.

Split Rock Lighthouse Cam is a joint effort between Duluth Harborcam, Minnesota Historical Society and Split Rock Lighthouse. The camera sits 130 ft up on the cliff at the lighthouse.

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External View of the Lighthouse site.

Internal view of the interpretive center and model lens.

Building the lens replica. (timelapse)