Friday, March 2, 2018

Moonrise through the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge

The full moon of March signals the arrival of Springtime, the flow of sap starting in the maple trees and the soon start of boat traffic.

This 30 second timelapse of the moon rising behind the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge is a combination of 700 still images taken over a 90-minute timeframe.  p.s. I should have worn warmer gloves.


  1. Thank you, Dennis!

  2. Lovely...been waiting for you to post this, Dennis, since I couldn't get a good look at the moon down here in the Cities (trees and buildings) until it was dark and the moon was higher in the sky. And as for gloves, you must be somewhat like my middle-school grandsons--I check every day before school that they have gloves, but that doesn't mean they'll wear them, sigh. Grammie Pat, West St. Paul, MN

    1. Grammie, I have a tendency to think I'm more used to the cold then I really am -- must come with age!