Saturday, March 23, 2019

American Spirit departed Duluth 03/23/2019

American Spirit departed Duluth late this afternoon from BN Docks.

H Lee White departed Duluth 03/23/2019

H Lee White departed Duluth this afternoon.

Kaye E Barker arrived Two Harbors 03/22/2019

Kaye E Barker arrived Two Harbors Friday afternoon to load its first cargo of Taconite for the season. The CGC Mackinaw broke its way into the harbor before arrival.

Hillside Camera Streaming Issues

I have discovered that the internet connection at the Harbor Hub-- the hillside connection for Pier B, GLA, Harborcam, Hillside cam, and Bayfront has become intermittent.  Next week, I will have the internet provider switch out the modem and see if the issue is corrected.   I will look into the Wisconsin Point intermittent issue once this is resolved next week.

Sorry for the inconvenience.