Friday, August 28, 2015

HHL TYNE -- Buzz's viewpoint

I let Buzz hang around the Port Terminal for a bit yesterday while I was there taking some photos for Allete Clean Energy (ACE).
The  25 ton, 125ft blades are trucked 500 miles to a new wind farm (Thunder Spirit) in Western North Dakota.

August 28, 1862: Wreck of the Zillah

On this day on Lake Superior in 1826, the wooden steamer Zillah sunk off Michigan’s Whitefish Point. The 200-foot, 750 ton vessel had been built in West Bay, Michigan, in 1890 by F. W. Wheeler & Co. as the Edward Smith; in 1900 she was renamed Zillah. On her last day she encountered a storm […]
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

HHL Tyne arrived Duluth 082615

HHL Tyne arrived Duluth at 18:30 today with a load of wind turbine blades destined for North Dakota.
HHL Tyne -- Buzz