Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Fuldaborg departed Duluth 06/20/2018

Morning Glory - American Century 06/20/2018

I never get tired of sunrises over Lake Superior. This morning was particularly beautiful. I am so blessed to be able to share the images from the cameras and so thankful for all who support this effort.

I am humbled and hope to see more mornings like this,  God willing!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Presque Isle arrived Two Harbors 06/19/2018

Question: What's with the red/brown water?

Answer: After heavy rains like the record downfalls of the past weekend, red clay gets washed into the harbors, especially from the Nemadji River.

The clay eventually settles after a few weeks and the water clears up.

Fuldaborg at Sunrise - Jeff Doty

Jeff captured this nice image of the Fuldaborg early this morning. See more of Jeff's work at:

Fuldaborg arrived Duluth 06/19/2018

Fuldaborg arrived Duluth this morning to load grain.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Burns Harbor departed Superior 06/18/2018

Marine Scanner Update

I am currently working on the marine scanner which was disabled with the latest Windows 10 update.  My PC is currently in the shop getting the drivers restored and hopefully, I will have the scanner back up by the end of the week.

American Spirit departed Duluth 06/18/2018

After a quick inspection, the American Spirit departed Duluth going about its business.

Cudos to the crew whose actions prevented a greater mishap yesterday.

America Integrity arrived Duluth 06/18/2018

With the Duluth Shipping Canal once again open for business, the 1000ft American Integrity entered port just after midnight.

Fog Blanket - Edwin H Gott by Christian Dalbec

Incredible photo of the Edwin H Gott blanketed in fog - taking by Christian Dalbec of Two Harbors.
See more of Christians work at

Edwin H Gott arrived Two Harbors 6/17/2018

The harbor at Two Harbors is an incredible place of beauty and serenity. Here, the largest boat on the Great Lake quietly makes its way through a blanket of fog.

Sunrise on Wisconsin Point

Crafted by the Hand of God - Always different and always beautiful, a sunrise over the big lake settles the soul.

The logs in the water have been washed out by heavy rains.

Breaking Free - American Spirit 06/17/2018 - (90 min timelapse)

The American Spirit was set free late last evening with a little help from her friends. (90 min timelapse)

Sunday, June 17, 2018

American Spirit Grounding - A closer look

A view from a few different angles gives you an interesting perspective on the size of the American Spirit.

American Spirit Grounding 06/17/2018

The American Spirit went aground as it made it's way to the Aerial Lift Bridge.

Heavy rains over the past few days have made currents in the canal very treacherous. The actual cause is unknown at this time.

There was no apparent damage and she did not actually hit the wall.

Hopefully, the tugs can work here free from the muck soon.

American Victory departed Duluth 06/17/2018

American Victory departed Duluth at 08:00 this morning on it voyage the scrapyard in Turkey.

Alert--American Spirit update

Update 16:50: Spirit did not hit the wall and is about 30 ft off. The boat is grounded and will need assistance to break free. No damage reported.

American Victory

I will be doing a complete video of the American Victory departure including, webcams, regular cams, and drones. Should be ready by tomorrow.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

TS State of Michigan arrived Duluth 06/16/2018

Roger Blough arrived Two Harbors 06/16/2018

Roger Blough arrived Two Harbors this morning

Music by: Eric Matyas

James R Barker departed Two Harbors 06/16/2018

James R Barker departed Two Harbors this morning heading into heavy fog.

Ma Claws!

On my way out to feed the chickens this morning, a large snapping turtle was on the gravel driveway laying its eggs.
With a face only a mother could love, I let her go about her business and won't be using the driveway for a few weeks.

Internet service to Canal Park area slow

Due to a large number of people in town for Grandma's Marathon, internet service to Canalcam and Bridgecam may bog down due to high traffic on the main service provider system. Speeds should return to normal by Monday.

Friday, June 15, 2018

American Victory departing Superior this Sunday Morning

The American Victory will be towed out the Superior Entry on Sunday Morning ending a chapter in Great Lakes History. The Duluth News Tribune did a nice story on the boat that you can read here.

Indiana Harbor arrived Superior 06/15/18

JOYCE L VANENKEVORT arrived Duluth 061518

New Hillside Cam in service

The new Hillside Cam is in service.  I will be making tweaks in the days ahead.  Right now it is set to scan the harbor every 15 min.  I will be trying out different scan rates and focus points once the storms are over in a few days.

Thanks for all who donated, this will be a great addition to our harbor views.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Presque Isle switching docks in Two Harbors 06/13/18

Two Harbors - Christian Dalbec

Incredible photo of Two Harbors lighthouse taken by Christian Dalbec.
You can see more of Christian's work at:

New Hillside Cam Update!

It looks like it will be the end of next week (June 22) before the hanging bracket I need to install the camera arrives.  Everything else is ready.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Algoma Spirit arrived Superior 06/12/2018 - Backing in

The Algoma Spirit backed its way through the Superior Entry this morning.   Either for practice or he didn't want to miss the sunrise over Lake Superior.

Music by: Eric Matyas

Algoma Spirit arrived Superior 06/12/2018 - Backing in

The Algoma Spirit backed its way through the Superior Entry this morning.   Either for practice or he didn't want to miss the sunrise over Lake Superior.

Music by: Eric Matyas

Friday, June 8, 2018

James R Barker arrived Two Harbors 06/08/2018

James R Barker arrived Two Harbors this morning.

Barker horn sound added in for effect.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Hon James L Oberstar departed, Algoma Compass & Presque Isle arrived Two...

Hon James L Oberstar departed, Algoma Compass & Presque Isle arrived Two Harbors early this morning.

Music by: Eric Matyas

Presque Isle 060618 normal speed

While the previous "timelapse" video of this event was fairly dramatic, this "normal" speed video depicts a much slower event unfold and a slow calculated maneuver.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Hillside Cam Replacement/Upgrade Project

Update: 6/4/2018 -- 20:00   SUCCESS!  We have met the goal and the new camera is on order.

Thanks so much to generous folks who donated to this and past fundraisers.
I will keep you posted on the progress of this project as it develops.

Kickoff 06/04/2018 - 08:00
The Hillside Cam is nearing its useful life.  With this project, we will replace the Hillside cam with a panorama cam that will rotate to pan from downtown to West Duluth.
The panorama cams cost more than the standard but give more options. 
My hope is to have this cam installed by the July 4th fireworks.

Thank You!


Roger Blough departed Superior 06/04/2018

Joseph L Block arrived Duluth 06/04/2018

Joseph L Block arrived Duluth this afternoon loaded with limestone.