Sunday, June 17, 2018

American Spirit Grounding 06/17/2018

The American Spirit went aground as it made it's way to the Aerial Lift Bridge.

Heavy rains over the past few days have made currents in the canal very treacherous. The actual cause is unknown at this time.

There was no apparent damage and she did not actually hit the wall.

Hopefully, the tugs can work here free from the muck soon.


  1. That is a bad day.I feel for those guys. The guy on the bow looked like he was double-timing it below to drop the anchor.

  2. It appears they did move her to the left a little, but it looks like the rear anchor is still down. Seems they needto raise the anchor as you can see the chain is not hanging straight like it was. I'd think that is holder her from swinging to the left.

  3. Kinda not sure what to think on this, at the end of the video it clearly shows her moving in reverse, just wondering if the anchor is whats holding her back?

  4. Definitely did look like they came out of the channel markers pretty fast. I was going to record from there but didn't think the fog was going to let up as quick as it did

  5. Amazing Dennis that you have been able to develop a camera system in Duluth that enabled all of us to see this incredible event in such detail. Hats off to all your hard work!

    You have to wonder if the ship lost it's bow thrusters and was unable to swing the bow to line up the canal entrance. Important thing is no one was hurt and we got to witness this amazing event.

  6. What is that brown liquid at the end?

  7. What is that brown liquid at the end of the boat? (Serious question).

    1. The brown liquid is mud stirred up from the bottom of the bay.