Friday, June 15, 2018

New Hillside Cam in service

The new Hillside Cam is in service.  I will be making tweaks in the days ahead.  Right now it is set to scan the harbor every 15 min.  I will be trying out different scan rates and focus points once the storms are over in a few days.

Thanks for all who donated, this will be a great addition to our harbor views.


  1. Sweet! What a nice addition to this great site! Thanks for all your dedicated work.

  2. Thanks Dennis. We really appreciate your great work. This may be a stupid question as I am not exactly familiar with the route -- but is there a way to turn the TH cameras and could they see the start of Grandmas marathon? And could any of the harbor cameras catch the runners coming in?

    1. Hello,
      Sorry, neither of Two Harbors cams can be turned. The start of Grandma's is a few miles down the road and not visible anyway.

  3. Dennis, the Hillside cam looks extra sharp now thanks to you!

  4. The view is amazing and so clear. Thank you as ALWAYS. So appreciate all you do, giving us these wonderful views from so far away and sharing your world...

  5. Not only extra sharp, but now you can see a little of Midwests dock. I also like it when it stops and zooms down the harbor so you get to see any boat all the way to the BN docks. Wow.

  6. Wow I have this camera all the time Great job