Friday, May 3, 2019

Tim S Dool departed Duluth 05/03/2019

Tim S Dool departed Duluth this morning sporting a brand new paint job.


  1. Great horn! Been wondering when the Dool would be leaving--missed watching the departure live, but did watch live as she was passing Two Harbors via the Depot cam. Thanks for posting this video will I was still online, Dennis, and for your up-close and personal walking portion of the video, the horn sounded even better! Grammie Pat, West St.Paul, MN

  2. Is this what she's going to look like now or are they not done with her paint up?

  3. Very nice! Hate to think of that snazzy new paint job getting scraped on the walls of the locks. Oh well, it's bound to happen. Great video Den!