Sunday, May 12, 2019

Canadian Geese Come to Town - Love is in the Air - Happy Mothers Day!

Here comes the Walter J McCarthy Jr --- What a great honker on that boat. I fell in love with the honk of all of these big boats the first time I heard them. So glad my little cousin Jeffery invited me to Duluth, I think I will stay!


  1. So well framed. Are these two tranied to do this? Say you didnt overlay two videos to get such a perfect composite image?

    A few years back we were enyoying your neck of the woods and took a picnic to Pattison Park. Summer day, but the park was nearly empty of people, the beach and shore area OTOH were packed with Canada geese. Needless to say, we evacuated quickly, checking our shoes and holding our noses.

  2. I sure hope they have the proper VISA! lol

  3. So Jeffery has come company! I though they might start pecking on the lens..=)

  4. I was able to watch it live, what a treat! Thanks to your video I have it for ever. Great job Den!