Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Jeffery the Gull Update!

Hi Folks, I heard some squawking around town you guys miss me.  Well, I have been fishing and hanging out with Amelia over on Gull Island while she is nesting along with thousands of my cousins.
Gull Island
I stopped by today to say hi and that I miss you guys.  Now that the tourist are back in town, I can smell the dumpsters already and look forward to the french fries and popcorn. Umm!

Here are a couple snapshots of my beautiful feathers and nifty landing characteristics and flight skills.

I will be back when I find some more sunglasses for the summer.  See ya soon!


  1. These snapshots are a dream-come-true! A million thanks Jeff and Den!
    So true, I have been missing you badly but I understand you spend much time with lovely Amelia!

  2. Hi Jeffery. Nice action shots of you! Say hi to the "missus". =).