Friday, May 24, 2019

Jeffery tackles a Sea Lamprey

Courtesy: Deborah Moe
Check out this story in Lake Superior Magazine of how Jeffery and his buddies are helping rid the harbor of invasive species. The gull story is about halfway down the page link.


  1. that AirRat gunna leave Lamprey Poo Poo on your clean Car...

  2. Go Gulls. Reminds me of the campaign to respect opossums due to their tick eating proclivity.

  3. Oh Jeffery, what a meal! Very interesting Lake Superior Magazin article. I had to ask Wikipedia to find out if we have those in my country and I found out we do.
    You did a great job Jeffery & friends! I often ask myself why I had to grow old to fall in love with these wonderful big birds...
    Thanks for posting this Den!