Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Two Harbors Boat Launch cam in service

Update: 8/15/2018 05:00 — Thank you to all who helped out, I really appreciate the support.
We collected about $400 to cover the repair bill when it arrives.

The Two Harbors Boat Launch cam is back in service.
It appears a nearby lightning strike did some damage to electronics at the Depot, where the antenna for the boat launch cam is connected.

We got lucky and the only damage to the camera system was a burnt connector to the antenna access point.

We will be charged for 3 hours of technician work. Probably about $300. - Well worth it.

I have received a few donations to help pay already, but if you would like to kick in a few bucks, that would be great.

Happy boat watching!


  1. Thank you Den, the THBL cam is my favorite! Great work on the troubleshoot and repair.

  2. ALL RIGHT DENNIS! Great job! One of my favorite cams!

  3. Yahoo .....Hoping that doesn't happen again anytime soon, Missed my favorite camera

  4. Yeah! Thanks Dennis!

  5. Thought when I was looking at the depot cam this morning I saw a person briefly. Thanks for getting it back online, Dennis.

  6. You don't realize how much you take for granted and appreciate until it's gone. A huge thank you Dennis for doing a great job.

  7. Thank you! I was missing this ... my favorite cam.

  8. Fantastic!! Thank you!!

  9. Thanks Dennis, I hope it was something simple and not too expensive. This is one of my favorite cameras watching the ships, pleasure craft, deer and water foul come and go. Thanks for all you do for the web site.

  10. Hi Den.
    Glad to help for my favorite web cam.