Saturday, August 11, 2018

Two Harbors Boat Launch Camera Status

Update: 16:00 Friday 8/10/18 -- There appears to be a major failure in the radio system that transmits the camera image to the depot antenna.  This probably happened during the storm.  Unfortunately, it will be next week before we can dig deeper.  It is at the top of my priority list.

Update: 0600 Friday -- Two Harbors Boat Launch remains down, hoping to have a tech check it today. I do not have access to the light pole that it is attached to - it must be done by a licensed electrician.

18:00 Wednesday - The Two Harbors Boat Launch cam has gone down during a thunderstorm.



  1. I bet it went down. I heard Jeffrey was trying to steal it to impress his girlfriend.

  2. Do you have any footage of the - Michipicoten coming or going from the harbor? I missed both this time. thanks

    1. I have arrival but missed the departure

  3. Hopefully they can get it back soon .....Missing my favorite camera

  4. Have Jeffery buzz up and check it out. You see his friends and him sitting on light poles all the time and nobody pays any attention. That is unless they drop something.

  5. Bummer! This is one of my favorite cams too! I like to watch all the fishing boats come and go...not to mention the freighters. Any plans on adding audio to that location?

  6. Thanks for all your hard work! The views you provide us are nothing less than spectacular!! Tell that electrician a little pro bono would be appreciated.

  7. Dennis,
    I will get it started! I just put in a new donation for the up coming repairs or new equipment.

  8. Thank you, Dennis. Love that camera, one of my favorite. I live vicariously through those lucky people putting their boats out to go fishing on the beautiful lake....ahhh ;)