Monday, August 5, 2019

Camera Update for this weekends Tall Ships!

Update: 080619-10:40 -- projects complete. I tried as best I could to level the Canal Cam-- hopefully, it is a bit better.

In addition to the huge Blues Fest starting Friday at Bayfront Park and the Tall Ships starting Sunday, it will be a busy weekend in the Twin Ports.

I will be operating the cameras to best view the activity, especially the tall ships arrival on Sunday morning.

I just cleaned the camera windows for for PierB and GLA. Tomorrow I will clean off Hillside, Bayfront, Harborcam, Canal and the Bridge cam.  I will also try to  level the Canal cam a bit.

I will get down to the area with my drone and other cameras when I can.

Hope you enjoy the weekend either in person or virtually!

Also, FYI - the Soo Cam is back up



  1. Thanks SO much Dennis, for all you do. Can’t wait for the tall ships!
    Joan D.

  2. Another round of kudos to you for the work on PierB camera and cleaning/aligning the others. Special thanks for making it possible to virtually get in on the Blues Fest and the Tall Ships. Hope you did not get rained on and that you will have time to enjoy the festitivies while keeping all of us "in the picture."

  3. Can't wait and the Andean is going to Riverland!! Unless there is a last minute change. Dennis thanks for all you do. Enjoy the weekend coming up.

  4. Thank you, so much appreciated! You are the best!

  5. Thank you for all the hard work you do. Hope to get back up and visit with you again. And also Thank you for you Service. You can always say what a ride.again thank you.

  6. Thanks for all you do...going to be fun :)

  7. Well done, Dennis. Thank you for your efforts.

  8. Should be a fun weekend, virtually for me. Unfortunately I have to work, hopefully The Tall ships will be in early. You ROCK

  9. Thanks for your continued dedication to this marvelous project! I look at my favorite cams several times each day!