Monday, August 12, 2019

Jeffery showing Wilber around the harbor - 081119

Hi, Jeffery here.  I can't believe all these boats came to Duluth just to feed us gulls -- fantastic summer so far.  Amelia is getting about more these days now that the little ones are learning to fly.

Wilber is my oldest son (this year) and will be stopping by in a minute.

Wilber here -- I love Duluth and will be flying more as soon as I pick up a pair of those cool aviation sunglasses.

I am learning the tricks of the trade from my dad and will soon have my own collection of shiny stuff.

That big yellow duck is kinda scary,  I bet he needs to eat allot. Well, plenty of snacks to go around.

Have a good visit!


  1. I resemble the comments of Wilber. Funny stuff. Keep it coming.

  2. Crying fowl here! Jeffrey please turn the sound on GLA camera! Please!! I bet the diapers for him cost you a fortune when he was a baby! Nice he is in town. :)

  3. Must be too windy for sailing today huh? SHESSH!

  4. Thank you! What a great video and what a great story! So it's Wilber who visited the roof. You certainly made my day!
    P.S. I love the sound!