Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Fundraiser starting tomorrow for new Pier B

Update: The fundraiser is complete with #3200 raised. This allowed me to order the new camera and also pay the sales tax.

Many thanks to the 82 people who donated, the cam viewers never cease to amaze me.

8/13/2019 - Pier B cam is failing and has thankfully limped through the Tall Ships event.  The cam is 4 years old and is no longer supported my the manufacturer and I no longer can access the cam to change directions and I have already replace anything else that might be the problem.

I will be starting a new fundraiser tomorrow and will order the cam as soon as we have enough funds.

I appreciate all the your help and your support is why we have the best cams on the Great Lakes.

Our goal is $3000.



  1. Bring it Dennis! Happy to help support your efforts. Thanks once again for the fantastic camera coverage of the lake.
    Joan D.

  2. As soon as your ready I'll donate :)

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  4. That's Jeffrey's Cam! Of course I’ll donate - wouldn’t want to miss seeing him. When you install the new cam, maybe you could tilt it down just a little so we can see more of Jeffrey.

  5. just goes to show how much we like the views and your photos

  6. I really enjoy all of your Duluth camera"s!!!!! Thank you so much for all that you do for our awesome views of the duluth harbor!

  7. The cameras seem to last about 4 years in the harsh environments.

  8. Was happy to see my Sil's name in the video, it didn't show up when we donated last time. I don't have a paypal account but he lets me use his. Now I know the money got to its destination, which feels ever so good!
    Thanks for being there for us all the time, Den & Jeffery!