Saturday, May 26, 2018

James R Barker arrived Duluth 05/26/2018

James R Barker arrived Duluth this afternoon to load iron.


  1. Dennis this a great post, but your putting it on cost me two friends. I had emailed them to go to your web sit and scroll down to the Barker video. Somehow instead of telling them to turn on the volumn I accidently told them to turn up the volumn, now when I try to talk to them all I get is Huh, what did you say. You got to love that boat.

  2. Great video. The Barker must have the most unique horn on the lakes. They need to install a two-toned horn on the aerial bridge so they can salute the Barker in kind.

    David Barker

  3. The colors with this new camera are so washed out and "overexposed" looking. Nothing is crisp. It's a real disappointment. Same with the Wisconsin Cam. The white balance is way off and it has a fake quality. I miss the old Canal cam where the colors were true, deep and rich. Plus, the streaming is herky jerky, constantly pausing.