Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Response to "Coffee Fund" donations

To all of my friends who have donated to the coffee/camera fund this year - a big thanks you. Watching the big boats, people, weather, and other activity on the harbor cams has become rather addicting to myself as well as others.  While I started to be able to watch the boats myself, I now get much more pleasure knowing that there are more then 400 people watching live each time one of the massive hulks makes its way through the canal.

This site is not a chore, but a gift and my hope is to keep providing memories and reflections of when you were here or will be here. The technology involved to do the streaming cameras didn't even exist 5 years ago, so, we are fortunate indeed.

There are lot's of folks that make this possible, including the Great Lakes Aquarium, Pier B, Army Corps of Engineers and everyone else who helps out.  While this is not a money making venture, the payoff is great and I look forward to more upgrades and improvements as time and finances permit.

December is a great boat watching month - Enjoy!