Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Michipicoten arrived, American Century departed Duluth 11/24/2021


  1. thanks She is so photogenic. I really like when you add the scanner. Happy Thanksgiving. mm

  2. I agree. Michipicoten is such a photogenic little boat. She's fun to watch as she really gets around! We used to love to see her when she was a frequent visitor to Marquette, Mi.

  3. Not related to this post but I am not sure where to ask questions since the ask Jeffrey link went away but I have noticed a couple of things. First off there is no sound on the bridge cam when I look at it on my phone. I still get sound on the canal cam and can get it on the bridge if I go straight to YouTube but not with the posted link. Is there a problem with the link or? Also link for the lake walk can at the inn on lake superior doesn't work. But if you log into their site the the link there works? Could this be a link problem as well? Lastly Could we re post a link to the ppmi cam? It still gives you a good view of the harbor and ship traffic. Thank you so much for all you do!

    1. Hi Jon...there is a contact link on this website's homepage, scroll down on the left side a bit--I've occasionally messaged Dennis there. On my phone (Android) and computer (a few years old), these links all pop up with the sound muted, except the Canal Cam pops up with the sound on (just like on YouTube), so the links do seem to work. The toolbar on the bottom that includes the pause button, sound button, and fullscreen square does not always show, however, unless I put my mouse near the bottom of the screen. I've had problems in the past where I somehow lose a toolbar at the top or bottom of the screen--and my grandkids can usually fix it, LOL. I also have not been able to get to the Inn on Lake Superior Lakecam lately (on my phone and computer, also tried library computer), so perhaps Dennis needs to refresh it somehow? I will message him. Grammie Pat, Roberts, Wisconsin