Saturday, June 5, 2021

Summer Sunrise (Timelapse) 06/05/2021

Lake Superior sunrises are incredible and some more than others, such as this morning.   Gulls, waves, boats, and lighthouses -- a scene to behold.
Sometimes God crafts a gift in the design of a sunrise -- Enjoy it.


  1. Magnificent early morning show. Thank you.

  2. Dennis, thank you! This was indeed a scene to behold!

  3. Absolutely beautiful Dennis. Thank you for making the beauty of the northland available to those of us who can't be there nearly as often as we would like. On a separate note, is there any way you could set up a link to the solglimt live stream cam? I see they have a new one one youtube now. Thought it would be nice if we had a link to it on site if possible. Maybe it could replace the link to the port wing cam. That seems to have been off line for some time now. Thank you for all you do!