Monday, April 20, 2020

Jeffery's opinion of medical masks!

Hi Folks, Jeffery the gull here,

So, I see some humans around the area wearing these cool looking masks and overheard one of them saying that these masks are for the birds. So I found one in a trash can and tried it on.  To tell you the truth, it doesn't fit well when you have no ears to hang it on and it slips down when flying. It also makes it hard to eat popcorn, so, forget it. 
 And where are all the tourists by they way, I am getting tired of seafood.



  1. It's very becoming on you Jeffery. There is always the one with the ties, but you wouldn't to wear that one either...=)

  2. Look like you're about to mug a fish dock

  3. Cheer up, Jeffery! There will be better times ahead, at least that's what I hope! Our leaders just decided we (in the Northern State I live in) have to wear these masks, too when going out and like you, my family and I don't like it.
    Meanwhile I am thankful for your visits on the GLA roof! Waiting for you there!

  4. I agree with Jeffrey, the masks are for the birds. But we know how he likes to act like a human so kudos for giving it a go.