Tuesday, January 14, 2020

End of Season 2019 Update!

With the arrival of the Hon James L Oberstar this morning the 2019 Shipping Season in Duluth has come to an end.
There will be two more boats arriving tomorrow in Superior.

I hope the Harbor Cams have provided a window to the Northland for you to view boats, weather, and people throughout the year.

Shipping will begin again in about 8 weeks.  All of the cameras will continue to operate during the off season so we can watch the ever changing sunrises and weather.

I will be working on some improvements to the internet services and other networking structures during the off season.

2020 Look Ahead
Projects -
1.Upgrade the network at Harbor Hub
2. Make network improvement at the Marine Museum and possibly upgrade the Canal Cam and use the existing Canal Cam to replace the Bridge Cam.
3. Continue to evaluate Youtube Streaming compared to Angelcam.

The cameras have taken a beating this year and I am very pleased with their performance. There will always be issues to fix, but, I very much enjoy doing this service.

Many thanks to all the viewers and supports throughout the season who have been so generous in support of the cams.

Have a wonderful winter season!