Sunday, March 31, 2019

Algoma Harvester departed Two Harbors 03/31/2019

Algoma Harvester departed Two Harbors this afternoon


  1. Was watching her out on the lake yesterday via the Two Harbors Depot Cam, but had to go to a family dinner and couldn't stay online long enough to watch her come into Duluth--wonderful captain's voice, eh?! Sure see a lot of Algoma boats on Lake Superior via the Marine Traffic interactive map below; don't recall seeing the Algoma Strongfield before (currently anchored off Whitefish Point with 3 other boats), maybe never comes to Duluth? Grammie Pat, West St. Paul, MN

  2. The Strongfield was built 2015 in China, Algoma bought it in 2017 when they went on their new ship craze. Do not recall it being in Duluth, but believe I have seen it in Two Harbors before

  3. I copied the below info off of boat nerd. I wonder how its cargo discharging system works!

    Arly A


    Algoma Harvester became the second of the new Equinox Class of Great Lakes freighters to join the Algoma Central Corporation fleet. It was built by Nantong Mingde Heavy Industries Stock Co. of Nantong City, China, and shares the similar 740 foot long by 78 foot wide dimensions and all of the efficient and environmentally friendly features of its sistership, Algoma Equinox.

    This vessel, and its sister ships, operate with a 45 percent improved energy efficiency and can carry 20 percent more cargo. It also has a much lower fuel consumption with the benefit of a 97 percent removal of sulphur oxide emissions. Highly automated, the ship can operate with as few as 18 sailors.

    Algoma Harvester was launched on December 25, 2013, and departed the overseas shipyard for Canada on May 18, 2014. It also loaded iron ore at Port Cartier while inbound for Hamilton and, after discharging at Arcelor Mittal (Dofasco), the ship was christened at Pier 26 South in Hamilton on July 14, 2014. The vessel then headed up bound through the Welland Canal and has joined the regular Seaway service in the Algoma fleet hauling iron ore from the Gulf of St. Lawrence ports and delivering grain to the elevators of that region for trans shipment overseas.

    1. Strange, I got my info off Boatnerd as well, said it was built in 2015, sailed overseas in 2017 after Algoma purchased it

    2. Not that strange. The Algoma Harvestor and the Stongfeild, are not the same boats.