Thursday, February 14, 2019

Ice Locked

With Spring right around the corner, things seem to be waking up, even though the boats are still quit ice-locked.
Lee A Tregurtha

William A Irvin

Keye E Barker



  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures. It nice to see what the ships look all frozen in. Spring isn't close enough for me yet! =). Way to much snow yet.

  2. Thanks Den, great perspective on these huge ships, riding high and standing still. You can almost see a human down on the small we are. Won't be long and back to work!

  3. Six more weeks!! UGH! Love the pictures. I hope the crews are enjoying their vacations. I didnt see the Mesabi Minor in these photos. She must be moored in a hard to photograph place right now. Stay safe and warm.