Friday, February 15, 2019

Sven and Ole Ice Fishing at Two Harbors - 2018

A rerun of the adventures of Sven and Ole ice fishing at Two Harbors last spring. (2018) - This was one of the most popular videos from last year.

These two fishermen (perhaps Sven and Ole) are the most determines guys that I have seen on the cams.  Saturday morning, after chopping a place for their boat, the two were finally able to launch and break their way free onto Lake Superior.

They returned six hours later.

A good example of ice fishing and breaking when needed.

Music by: Eric Matyas


  1. Thanks for retrieving that video Dennis. Too funny!

  2. Oh my! They are determined! I guess the USCG has a backup ice breaker if needed, but why treat a nice boat that way? Thanks for posting the video Den!

  3. Thanks for sharing that video, very funny. Hopefully they had a good catch after all that hard work. =).

  4. These guys remind me of the old funny man Foster Brooks ice fishing joke."My friend and his wife went ice fishing.They caught 500 pounds of ice.She fried it up and they both drowned."

  5. I just love at the end when the woman with the dog stops to watch.

  6. Is it worth it ? If you ever had fish out of the big lake especially white fish , the answer is YES.....Bob