Thursday, January 3, 2019

Camera Outages

Update: 16:25 -- Power restored, I will be bringing the cams back online.
Update: 16:10 -- The internet outage is due to a power failure in near downtown Duluth.  The good thing is, everything should come back up one the main power is restored.
It appears there is an internet outage affecting all of the Hillside cams (Hillside, PierB, GLA, Harborcam and Wisconsin Point) I will be checking into it ASAP.


  1. Thank you Dennis. I cleared my history and checked my connections. We had a outage here yesterday. Glad to know, but I sympathize with you.

  2. Thanks Dennis. You da man!

  3. Thanks Dennis!! I appreciate everything you do!☺

  4. Harrah! Looking good today! :-)