Sunday, July 8, 2018

Super Gulls!

Jeffery the Gull here --- I had an awesome experience yesterday. I took a quick flight over the hill to check out the dumpsters at the landfill and on the way, I noticed a strange flock of large gulls at the airport in Duluth.
They were man-eating gulls for sure.  I say them open their mouths and men climbed in and off they went. Incredible.  There were thousands of people clapping and watching -- how strange.
After flying together in a flock, they landed and seemed to spit out the guys, I suppose they tasted like rubber.
The whole thing was way cool and I sure hope they stop back some day.
Here is a picture to prove that the strange birds exist.


  1. I had a opportunity to see the thunder birds. They are amazing.

  2. Jeffery the reporter, awesome! Thanks again, love this series.

  3. Hi Jeffery, the picture is nice. I was thinking if you had a gopro on your back you could be a News crew! Man eating gulls?
    Bilge Rat

  4. I agree with Sylvia. Jeffrey the gull is on the GLA cam everyday it seems so why not make him part of the harbor cam family? He certainly has interesting things to say and observe.

  5. Hello from Winnipeg. Absolutely love Jeffery. Keep it up. Watch your cams daily.