Thursday, July 19, 2018

Jeffery the Gull

I'm getting more of these signs printed up so folks don't feed the pigeons! Messy little birds!



  1. You can give them all the popcorn you don't eat

  2. Thanks for sharing Jeffery with us! He is funny! I'm starting to look forward to what he is up to each day! Lol! Thanks Dennis!

  3. Awww Jeff! When I was watching the Canal Cam yesterday at 1.49 pm, there was a never-ending frenzy of gull-feeding activity on the lawn. Sure hope you were down there, too. Love your sign, folks are going to melt after reading it...

  4. Jeffery is really being a ham today (Tuesday) seemingly laughing and making funny faces for the camera. Dennis, you can have some fun with that if you can review and save video history. I've recorded a couple minutes of screen capture if you want it, you are more than welcome to it. `Just uploaded to my youtube channel.