Thursday, July 5, 2018

Jeffery the Gull - Comments

Hi folks, Jeffery here with ya!
With some experimenting, I have found that a slight "temporary" modification to some local signs can increase food giving up to 25%.
I have gotta be the smartest gull on the lakes.

Jeffery the Gull!


  1. If you do feed Jeffrey wear a hat and be prepared for him to become a big mooch. lol

  2. The smartest gull, with the best aim.

  3. It's like the old saying, whatever works for you. Wearing a hat is a very good idea, you might look like the sign if you don't feed him.

  4. Very clever, Jeffery. We have those signs all over our coastal line too. Now if you could come over, maybe for a vacation and teach the German gulls how to handle this problem? I am sure they are going to love you for ever.
    Thanks in advance,

  5. Headline in "The Onion"

    Seagull With Diarrhea Makes It to Crowded Beach Just in Time