Tuesday, July 3, 2018

A note from Jeffery

Hi Folks, Jeffery the Gull here.  My (human) friend Sylvia who lives in Germany, sent Den, the old guy that runs this site for me,  a note the other day.  Here it is.

Hi Den,

it's a funny story about me and the seagulls. I have been living near Hamburg, Germany's biggest port, for more than 50 years now and there are many herring gulls around in this area but I never went wild about them.

This abruptly changed when I discovered your great harbor cams in 2017 - much too late.
I was sitting there in front of my laptop, soaking in one of those fantastic Duluth sunrises and then fate took its course. One of these awesome birds popped in right into my heart.

So that's my gull story and I think you should know...I somehow can't live without them and the ships coming into Duluth anymore.
Jeffery is a perfect name for this handsome guy!

Thanks again for all you do for me.

Sylvia from Germany

Sylvia made this nice collage of me -- aren't I handsome! 


  1. Den,
    Love the new Jeffery the Gull video and the letter from Sylvia from Germany. Thanks for posting ...such fun for Duluth fans. On the Canal Cam, in the past, I've noticed a gull is often perched on a particular light post.
    Enjoy the summer!

  2. like..like..like
    Thanks so much Dennis for all your time and effort with the webcams.It is a blessing to many.

  3. Jeffery is quite the photobomber. Is he running for office?