Thursday, December 1, 2016

Yulia arrived Duluth 12/01/2016

Yulia arrived Duluth at 10:50 today to unload clay.


  1. Hey Dennis what happened to a clip of the Indiana Harbor leaving Duluth after 13 months of layup? It was fun watching her leave. There were some people down by the canal with a flag they were waving and jumping up and down. The captain of the boat blew his horn at them. He also put his light down on the canal to highlight the people standing there. Why did the Indiana Harbor leave now with only 6 weeks left of the shipping season? Thanks for any information on this.

  2. What time did the Indiana Harbor leave port, I will look up the video recording.

    1. A comment on Ken's site mentions 20:48 (Wed even Nov 30)

    2. I also left a note under the Speer vid just after IH left but the time stamp on that was 8:56. Different time zones maybe.