Friday, December 2, 2016

Indiana Harbor departed Duluth 11/30/2016

Indiana Harbor departed Duluth at 20:40 Wednesday.


    Still couldn't make out the flag. I thought maybe it was the company flag or someone with a crew member from another country. On the Bridge cam the way the spot light was used almost seemed as if the IH was looking for someone- -also the flag greeting was a Captains salute not just a single blast. Interesting little human interest mystery. Whatever the situation the flag and ships greeting were very nice gestures. And I'm glad the IH gave us a full salute even though after dark. I saw the ship docked on my trip to Duluth this fall so I was very excited by her departure. Casna

  2. Thank you Dennis so much for this video clip of the Indiana Harbor leaving Duluth. She is one of my favorite ships. I was in Duluth about 3 weeks ago. I went over to Wisconsin where she was in layup. I was able to get verily close to her. No one was around. There was a ladder going up the side of her. I had no idea she would be leaving Duluth now. I am glad she is back to work even if the shipping season is almost over.

  3. Sorry that the videos are a bit blurry when full screen. I'm working on a solution for higher resolution recordings without impacting the live stream.
    Yes, it is good to see the Indiana Harbor back out.

    1. The original stream was a bit blurry too. I think it was the atmosphere, I wasn't sure if you could get a close up,of the flag with your software. Someone said they took a screen shot but I haven't seen it. Cas