Monday, September 14, 2015

Just another Superior Sunrise

The sunrise from Canal Park this morning was particularly beautiful.


  1. Beautiful picture! Have a question for you. When the ships are waiting at anchor outside the harbor for an extended period of time, like the Bluewing is now, does the crew stay on the ship or are they given the opportunity to take a break during that time and go onshore? Wasn't sure who else to ask and I've been curious about that whenever I've seen a ship out there waiting to come in. Thanks!

  2. Mary,
    The crew stays on board like any other work day. If they need something, A Pilot Boat can bring it out to them.

    1. Thank you, Dennis! Thought maybe they got some vacation days on a long wait to load. I pay a visit to this site daily and get a little "micro-vacation" to one of my favorite places in the world. Your photography is awesome and I love the info that you include on the ships and other happenings in Duluth. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful place with so many. Buzz and Skeeter are adding even more enjoyment to this site! :o) I lucked out on the recent foggy day and saw 5 ships passing under the liftbridge within about 2 hrs!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! GOOD JOB, GOD!!

  4. Thanks for all your kind remarks! Running this site really is an enjoyable endeavor.