Monday, September 7, 2015

Lee A Tregurtha arrived Duluth at 17:30 today


  1. Always a good time in Dulutn,, my favret town,, I could have went to the state fair, only 20 min away,,,the 2.5 hr. Drive to the twin ports was way better.

  2. Dennis and all -- Great article in the recent Great Lakes Seaway Review about Interlake Steamship Co. beginning to outfit their fleet with "scrubber" technology for cleaner fuel emissions. Oberstar currently has it, with the Lee Tregurtha and James Barker to be outfitted this winter while in lay-up. Paul Tregurtha and Mesabi Miner will be done in 2017. Sounds like a positive step. Having seen the SS Badger almost removed from operation due to emissions, anything that can be done to keep the Lakes clean is a major plus. I tink you can probably also access the article on Interlake's web site. Judy in La Crosse

  3. Was cool to see my sister and bro in law on the Glensheen cam on Monday..

  4. Dennis,there is a plot on the ais map between two harbors and knife river that looks to be in land,,would that be a boat on a trailer that didn't shut the transponder off???

    1. Looks to be a DNR tower facility/storage/maintenance location.

  5. bayfront cam is down...thank you