Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Moonlit Arrival - James R Barker arrived Duluth 12/3/2014

The 1000ft James R Baker arrived at 17:30 Wednesday evening.
James R Barker


  1. That's a spectacular shot. That should be framed and placed over my mantel....if I had one.

  2. what a gorgeous shot !! Post card pic ! thankyou from Liz Ekeberg.
    I live on your web page when I'm in my office.

  3. Was something wrong with the Barker's horn in the video? Frozen, maybe? It sounded nothing like the classic Barker blast.

  4. great composition timing and subject, thanks for showing us this moment

  5. Ha! In cold weather the sound of the boat horns changes tunes due to frost buildup, humidity, and temp. Some horns don't eve work and some captains don't like using them in extreme cold in fear that they might break and not be available when the really need them.
    Very interesting to listen to though.