Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Camera Update - Harborcam

Well, the streaming idea for the Harborcam didn't work out too well.  The camera is an older model and not really equipped to stream.

I have switched it back to snapshot mode and hope to replace the camera soon.


  1. After experiencing the wonderful and valuable contribution you are making in promoting Duluth, via the live cams, I possibly might have a practical solution in finding a financial resolve for the older
    cams. Since virtually, all of the businesses in Duluth benefit from the tourist trade, it would seem logical to organize a small group and approach the various businesses asking for a nominal contribution, i.e. $25. It would be a tax deduction for them and once they know the powerful tool you have in your grasp, they will no doubt be obliging. For example, I didn't know Park Point Marina Inn existed and in fact, have never been across the draw bridge,(and I've visited Duluth numerous times), but now I will start exploring more of Duluth thanks to you and your cams. Good luck!

    1. you have never been across the bridge, to Park Point! AWESOME! just like all the Duluth Area! and thanks again to Dennis for awesome work in displaying Gods creations

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I will certainly consider that option in the future. While organizations and marketing is essential, I am just a small time operator without any big ideas. My goal is to just operate these cameras the best I can. I think it should be a non-profit at some point, but, for now, small is good.