Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sailboats on Ice

Soon there will be signs of Springtime in the Northland, but for now, the snow covered boats at Barkers Island Marina seem OK with the winters rest. I'm not quit sure about the boaters!

If you have a mobile device, you can view these links and get a real immersive experience by turning with the device and looking around.


  1. Dennis, witch boat is that on the gas pump cam??

  2. Hi Dennis. I love this website. I have a question, what camera do you use to take those panorama images? They are extremely well done.

  3. Hi John,

    For the 360 panorama images I use my Canon 5D Mark II and an 8mm Sigma fisheye lens. Three images are then digitally stitched together to make the 360. I use PTGiu for stitching and Photoshop for other adjustments.

  4. Very nice. Thanks for the info. I've always wanted to mess around with stuff like that (total amateur here).

    Going to the ice-caves hopefully Monday.