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You are overlooking Duluth, Minnesota which is a city built on hills overlooking the western tip of Lake Superior. The first camera to the left is owned and operated by the Corps of Engineers' Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center with funding from the Lake Superior Marine Museum Association. The next camera is focused on the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge while the next three cameras cover the Duluth Inner Harbor and the Duluth Main Harbor.
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jay Cooke Swinging Bridge

It has been nearly eight months since to devastating floods that swept through the Northland last June.
Today I had a chance to visit Jay Cooke State Park and the famous swinging bridge.  While the bridge walkway is still somewhat crumpled, the beauty of the park has not changes.

The muffled sound of the St. Louis River running under the ice and the chickadees chirping on the snow covered branches is an indication that springtime is not far off.

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  1. Dennis, You have the best job in the world! Again thank you for your awesome website to stay connected to the Northshore.