Saturday, February 9, 2013

Harbor History - Minnesota Point Lighthouse

The other day I hiked down to the end of Park Point and upon seeing the ruins of the old Minnesota Point Lighthouse I was inspired to do a quick historical video on this once important lighthouse. I hope you find this 23 minute presentation interesting and informative.


  1. Another job well done. Very interesting history and pictures. A nice way to spend some time on a cold afternoon watching your presentation ....Neil, Cedar MN

  2. Dennis, thank you for posting the video. I love to hear the stories of old lghthouse and this was very interesting. Thank again from michigan

  3. Thank you for compiling this history of Duluth. I am a big history buff and found your information very interesting. One thing though, the picture of Duluth at 13:53 is flipped.
    Paul Stepan Houston Texas

  4. Interesting Paul, but, if you look at the curve of Park Point, I think it is correct. The long docks on the right hand side of the picture are docks,not piers.
    I don't think the canal was built yet.
    I may be wrong though.

    1. The picture is from 1873 and the canal has been cut through. There is a picture in PRIDE OF THE INSLAND SEAS p.39. THe view is from the hillside so the curve of Minnesota point should be to the left.

  5. Oh! very interesting. Thanks so much for the correction.


  6. Thanks for the history lesson, Dennis! Very interesting... we just might take that hike this summer :-)

  7. I would have liked to make that hike when last there in 2010. A very bad hip prevented me from walking more 50 ft. Maybe with my new hip and a return to Duluth I'll get er done.
    Thank You for a great lesson.
    Grand Jct. co.

  8. Dennis, you'd make a terrific tour guide. Love ALL of your pictures. Thank you!

  9. Dennis, Could you maybe think about a tour around to harbor sometime?

  10. Dennis - Excellent story in words and pictures. I would like to take the hike out to the old lighthouse sometime when we are in the area. Thanks for the heads-up regarding poison ivy near the base of the tower. Keep up the good work!

    Jon, Des Moines IA

  11. Thanks so much for a great history lesson about the harbor area. My wife and I honeymooned in Duluth 34 years ago and love to visit there when we can, and hear about the past of the area. We'll definitely be hiking to the old lighthouse on our next visit.