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Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July Fireworks Display - Camera Setup

I have been changing camera views to enable you to view the Duluth Fourth Fest Fireworks display which will start tonight at 10:10PM.

Here is my plan for the cameras -- hopefully things work.

Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center Camera #1 (LSMCV #1 live-stream) - I will leave this camera pointing the way it is. This view will enable you to watch the large crowd around the shipping canal.  The audio will enable you to hear the oohs and ahhs of the crowd as they watch the fireworks.

Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center Camera #2 (LSMCV #2- live- stream) - I will not be changing the view on this camera as it should catch the fireworks display, the bridge, and audio of the crowds.  This might be the best view.

Great Lakes Aquarium (GLA live-stream) - Since I will not have access to the roof today, yesterday I changed to view and pointed the camera at the fireworks launch sight. I had to guess at the proper angle looking up, but this camera should provide an excellent view along with the audio of the booms and bangs of the fireworks display.  You can also view some of the boat traffic in front of Bayfront Park throughout the day.

Pier B Cam (Live Stream) - This camera I can remote control to watch some of the boat traffic.  While it is too close to the fireworks launch site to be able to look up, it should be a good one to watch boats in front of Bayfront Park.

Harbor Cam (Snapshot cam - 10-20 sec refresh)  - I will be pointing this camera at the fireworks during the display.

Bridge Cam (Snapshot cam - 10-20 sec refresh) - at 4PM I will turn this camera to watch the activities in Bayfront Park.

Note:  These cameras heavily depend on a lot of systems (internet, wi-fi, cameras, antennas, networks etc) while I cannot control much of this, and the possibility that  the images may slow or cameras go off line is always there. However, I will do the best I can to make sure we all get to watch this fantastic event live from multiple locations. I will also record the event and post it tomorrow.