Sunday, March 19, 2023

"Dusk to Dawn" - Sunrise Timelapse 03/19/2023

In the realm of the slumbering giants, 
Where the ancient stones gently sigh, 
A canvas of hues is painted anew, 
As dawn graces Lake Superior's sky. 
The serenade of whispering winds, 
Caress the waters' placid face, 
Reflecting hues of pink and gold, 
In this, nature's sacred space. 
A celestial blaze ignites the horizon, 
Emerging from the edge of night, 
Gently erasing shadows past, 
With tendrils of soft, warm light. 
The sun ascends, a glowing orb, 
A herald of life's eternal grace, 
Bathing the shores of Lake Superior,
 In a luminous, tender embrace. 
In this dance of light and shadow, 
A moment's beauty, forever to savor, 
We find solace in the splendor, 
Of a Lake Superior Sunrise, a moment to treasure. 


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