Tuesday, March 7, 2023

"Breaking Up is Hard To Do! - Ice Breaker Spar is a sure sign of Spring....

The CGC Spar began ice breaking operations for the upcoming shipping season today.


  1. Thanks for Sharing this video!

  2. The USCG Buoy Tender Spar once again today, Wednesday, followed her own track from yesterday over to the Superior Entry and back widening yesterdays track. Then she spent quite some time running forward and astern widening the channel where the St. Louis River flows into the Duluth-Superior Harbor.


    Between the Duluth Clure Marine Terminal, and Superior, Wisconsin. Where the 1,000 footers turn around prior to backing into the channel to the Iron Ore or Coal loading docks.


    Then she ran a loop near the Pier B Resort before returning to cutting new channels seen on the Harbor Cam, Hillside Cam and the Park Point Marina Inn Cam.


    About every half an hour the above camera slowly moves first to the left reaching a downtown Duluth view. One of my sisters' lives on the lakeside one floor below the top of that rectangular multi-color high rise. My Dad was construction superintendent then Chief Engineer of that round high rise hotel for fourteen years.

    Before reversing and scanning all the way to the right to where the Coal Dock can be seen far in the background. Then again scanning left back to a view of the Pier B Resort.


    The Spar eventually went back to her pier after turning around and backing in.

  3. I hoped you were making us a video, Dennis, when I saw you were moving some of the cams to follow the Spar, thanks!! I watched parts of it live, and am happy for this 5-minute synopsis, since they were out there 5 hours. :) Grammie Pat, Roberts, Wisconsin