Saturday, January 14, 2023

State of the Harborcams 2023

 With the imminent closing of to Soo Locks and the end of the 2022 Shipping season, I would like to thank all of the viewers, live stream moderators, and entities that provided locations locations for the cameras.

2022 was a wonderful year for boat watching, weather watching, people watching and more.  The cameras operated well and I hope these little "Windows to the Northland' provided interesting entertainments and a break from your routine, I know it did for myself.

I am looking forward to 2023 and hope you are also. Most of the cameras are operating well and I will be spending the off season upgrading firmware and tuning up the networks and servers.

All of the cameras will continue to run during the off season in order to view weather and sunrises.

I especially want to thank the live chat moderators who do so much to make this channel work. 

Best regards,

Dennis O'Hara - DHC