Monday, August 8, 2022

Tall Ships in Review - Two Harbors MN - 08/08/2022

With the Festival of Sail complete, the Tall Ships prepared to depart on a calm Lake Superior morning in Two Harbors.

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  1. While a couple of the tall ships were neat to see, the whole wait to do so really was awful. You wait in line for over 2 hours (for some, much longer) and you finally get close when you have to stop again and see you have had to wait for people who just arrived with fast pass tickets to cut in front. This isnt Disney World. A lot of old people and small children struggled and many gave up after awhile. This should have been where all tickets were the same. They could have had a 2 hour tour for VIP that paid extra money and got to board from 8 ti o 10 am.