Monday, May 16, 2022

Minneapolis-St Paul Arrived in Duluth 5/21/2022

The newly minted Minneapolis-St Paul arrived in Duluth this morning to prepare for it commissioning ceremony Saturday May 21.


  1. Awesome! Thank you, Dennis.

  2. Welcome to Duluth from a member of the crew of the USS Forrest B Royal DD-872, one of five US Navy ships to visit the Great Lakes since the War of !812 and Duluth-Superior harbor in 1959 in celebration of the opening of the St Lawrence Seaway. But be careful. I met a blond, blue-eyed Johnson girl during that three-day visit and we'll celebrate our 62nd anniversary in October. Oh - and returned to Duluth every July 55 of the next 60 years.

    1. Bob, Thank you for sharing that nice story. The Midwest is a special place with good hearted people. I grew up in Fox Point, Wisc.

  3. Awesome to put that together for us, thank you!

  4. What an amazing Ship! Thank you for sharing!! Beautiful!