Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Stormy Seas - Algoma Innovator arrived in Duluth 01/04/2022

Algoma Innovator arrived in Duluth overnight as gale-force winds gave it a shove through the Duluth Shipping Canal.


  1. Dennis...can you put together the footage from the Bayfront, Hillside, and Harbor Cams that showed the subsequent efforts of the Algoma Innovator's captain to avoid running aground at Pier B while trying to navigate into the Compass Minerals slip to unload her cargo of salt? When I first spotted the activity last night on the Hillside cam, she looked to be at a odd angle to the shoreline and her bow appeared VERY close to having been beached right off the western edge of the Pier B Resort. As I continued to watch, she reversed engines, backing all the way out to Bayfront Park, then corrected and successfully completed her approach into the slip.

  2. I saw this ship come in. It was very treacherous waters. I watched it come through the canal hoping it would make it. Thank God it did.
    Dennis do you know what ships are doing winter layup in Duluth this year? I can't seem to find this information. Thank you. Happy New Year to you.